Surface Kit

Sale price£9.99

The ultimate kit to turn wooden floors, doors and walls into the perfect surface for our Portable Cable to mount onto ( This product is the surface kit, it does not include the Portable Cable)

The kit comes with x1 round (15cm) plastic perspex clear sheet disc and x2 10cm heavy duty stick-on tape strip pairs with extra strong velcro, making it easier to disconnect and re-apply.

The stick-on tape sheets have adhesive on and may leave marks on doors and wall surfaces depending on the cleaning method used to remove the adhesive marks after use.

The Glute Sculptor

Our Portable Cable is expertly designed to target all 3 Glute Muscles, allowing you to Sculpt Your Glutes from every angle for comprehensive development!

The Glute Builder

When it comes to making your Glutes Juicy and Full, our Hip Thruster is second to none!

This powerful machine will help you achieve that Coveted Roundness and Definition!