Dual Portable Cable - Up to 36lbs of Resistance

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Dreaming Of The Perfect Glute Shape?

Sculpt your whole body at home or anywhere with 30+ exercises and adjustable resistance (up to 35lbs!).

Paired with our complimentary workout plan, this versatile tool targets All 3 Glute Muscles, giving you that coveted shelf at the back.

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🤸🏽‍♀️ Perform 30+ Exercises at Home

Alvine_Nin - 742K followers On IG

"Couldn't be happier with the Portable Cable and Hip Thruster. They've become essential tools in my home gym setup, and my followers love the workouts I share using them."

SolangeFitness30 - 333K followers On IG

"Don’t sleep on this!! You will love the results!!

I absolutely recommend portable cable if you want to have a perfect glute form!"

Esekalusi- 115K followers On IG


but this has actually been GAME CHANGER for activating my glutes and gives me that pumppp I need!! Love it!"

When It Sticks, It's Stuck!

Our Powerful Suction Cup ensures a Secure Hold on any flat, non-porous surface, providing stability and peace of mind during your workouts!

Results Guaranteed!

Tested by fitness experts, our Portable Cable is designed to Sculpt the Perfect Glute Form with its 8KG (18 pounds) resistance. For those aiming to add extra juice to their glutes, check out our Hip Thruster Machine.

Glute squad is a home workout game changer! Made those days when I can’t go to the gym so much easier.


I am very satisfied with the portable cable!

Shirleen Raf

Absolutely love The Glute Sculptor & the Glutes Builder. These pieces of equipment have been game-changers for my home workouts.

Alvine Christelle

The targeted exercises has taken my glute activation to a whole new level.

Acacia Cassia

In LOVE! I’m a busy mum of 2 little ones, so getting to the gym is more or less impossible most days.