Success Stories

We’ll leave our results and reviews to be the proof that what we offer here at GluteSquad is nothing short of the world’s MOST POWERFUL Portable Equipment which will enable YOU to TRANSFORM YOUR GLUTES no matter how little time or space you have for a daily workout!


”I was lucky enough to be a professional product tester for GluteSquad prior to their launch, I am busy mum of two who rarely has time or energy to go to the gym so their portable equipment products immediately appealed to me. I focused on consistently training for 20-30 minutes for 4 days each week. For my workouts I only used their Portable Cable and Hip Thruster whilst following the GluteSquad Build & Sculpt equipment workout program they gave me. I can honestly say the whole experience was magnificent the fact the equipment is portable yet so effective made me so much more motivated than I have ever been doing home workouts. I have always wanted to grow my booty so I am absolutely over the moon with my results using their equipment. I cannot recommend their products enough!! “


“EXCELLENT equipment! Immensely impressed with my glute growth results. The equipment is so well-built and so versatile I not only did glute workouts but also upper body with the Portable Cable which is definitely my favourite! It is so easy to use pretty much anywhere. I give glutesquad a HUGE 10/10!!!!”


"Love it 👌 Actually love this. Just received it yesterday and wow, my gluts are on fire from this mornings work out. Thank you x"


"I was rather nervous to order this product but I'm over the moon with the quality and performance it offers!!!! Also, some great service as they sorted out my delivery issue the same day."