Love this piece of equipment lovely addition to my home workout space. Time saver spaces saver and makes working out at home was easy. Working full time with two children spare time for the gym is minimal!! Thanks guys xxx


I've always been intimidated going to the gym on my own and struggled to find effective ways to work my glutes at home. Until I discovered the Portable Cable. This machine has completely transformed my home workouts!

Acacia Cassia

Absolutely love The Glute Sculptor & the Glutes Builder. These pieces of equipment have been game-changers for my home workouts. They’re compact, easy to set up, and the quality is top-notch!

Alvine Christelle

I can’t recommend this portable equipment enough. On days where I don’t have much time I can easily use the hip thruster and portable cable to get my glute burn fix! I also took the cable on holiday with me which was super easy as it’s only 1kg


I brought the cable when they first launched and I have got to say I LOVE it! Makes working out at home so much more enjoyable. I have 2 small children, work full time and don’t always have time to hit the gym.

Kelly Saunders

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"Couldn't be happier with the portable cable and hip thruster. They've become essential tools in my home gym setup, and my followers love the workouts I share using them."

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"Don’t sleep on this your will love the results!!!"

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